Professor - Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies/Theory and history of culture. History of medieval Bulgarian culture

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    Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    28/09/2017 05:00 - Europe/Athens
    Bulgaria › Sofia
    SU-FF-2017-7-2 SU-FF-2017-7-2


The successful candidate shall:

•             Teach one or more academic subjects, lead the assigned courses

•             Conduct term exams.

•             Provide consultations on the subjects taught

•             Develop and teach academic subjects in the teams he/she participates in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum and syllabi.

•             Lead the teaching teams of the academic subjects he/she is responsible for.

•             Fulfil his/her teaching norm in accordance with the approved normative for auditorium and outside the auditorium occupation of the lecturers at the University.

•             Provide scientific guidance on diploma theses and prepare reviews of diploma theses

•             Participate in commissions for diploma theses defence

•             Provide scientific guidance in the preparation of PhD students

•             Develop study materials and academic guidance

  • Conduct research and publish findings
  • Participate in the preparation of state exams.
  • Ensure continuity in the field in which he/she teaches and conducts research by leading PhD students, manage or participate in research projects, share teaching experience.


The Professor shall teach the following subjects in Bulgarian language:

  • Bulgarian Culture 7th - 14th Century
  • History of the Caucasian Peoples
  • Medieval Bulgarian Culture in Eurasian Context
  • Between East and West: the Bulgarian Culture during 7th-14th centuries

Movable and Immovable Monuments of Culture Archaeological Reserves


Paid annual leave: 48 working days

Selection process

Application Process:

1. The application deadline is 2 months following the publication of the position’s advertisement in the State Gazette, ДВ, 61/28.07.2017

2. Applicants shall apply in person in the Information Centre of the Rectorat (main Sofia University building), Personnel Department, Room № 2, Boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel № 15, post code 1504, Sofia, or by posting their application to the same address.

The interested candidates shall submit an application form (attached) accompanied by:

1.            CV – in four originals;

2.            Diploma of Higher Education and its annex - in one original and in four copies;

3.            Diploma of PhD degree - in one original and in four copies

4.            Diploma for scientific degree “Doctor of Science” (if such) - in one original and in four copies;

5.            Document for academic rank or academic position - in one original and in four copies

6.            Certificate of work experience in the specialty – in four copies

7.            List of publications, inventions and other scientific and applied research performed – in four copies:

a)            list of all publications

b)            list of the publications, presented for the participation in this competition

c)            list of publications, conferences, projects and scientific management, generated by the Avtorite System – only if the candidate is currently employed at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

8.            Author’s reference on the research papers contributions – in four copies

9.            Reference for citations – in three copies

10.          Medical certificate attesting their mental and physical health – in one original and three copies;

11.          Criminal record certificate;

12.          Four sets of scientific publications presented for participation in the competition;

13.          Position’s advertisement in the State Gazette – in four copies


All of the listed above documents shall be submitted in Bulgarian language or in their original accompanied by a translation into Bulgarian language.


Four identical sets of the documents listed above shall be formed.


Selection process:

The academic position “Professor” shall be occupied by persons who:

1.            Have acquired educational or scientific degree “doctor”

2.            Have held an academic position "Associate Professor" at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "or in another higher education institute or scientific organization not less than two academic years or not less than five academic years, on the condition that:

a.)           have been full-time or part-time lecturer or a manager of a research team at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "or in another higher education institute or scientific organization, or

b.)           have practiced creative work, or

d.)           have been practitioner with proven accomplishments in the relative field

3.            Have presented a published monographic work or equivalent publications in specialized scientific journals or evidences of equal relevant creative achievements in the field of arts which do not repeat those presented for the acquisition of the educational and scientific degree "PhD", "Doctor of Science" and for the occupation of the academic position “Associate Professor”.

4.            Have presented other original research papers, publications, inventions, etc. or creative work achievements which will be assessed in whole

5.            Are not at the age of 65 years

6.            Do not have extended employment contract under § 11 of the Transitional and Concluding Provisions of the Higher Education Act.

 7.           If the candidate have not hold the academic position "Associate Professor", another published monographic work or equivalent publications shall be presented.

Offer Requirements

Specific Requirements

The candidate for this position is:

  • Fluent in Bulgarian language.
  • Holder of a diploma for a Master degree, recognized in Bulgaria
  • Holder of a PhD degree (diploma for “Doctor of Science” – if such), recognized in Bulgaria

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

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