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    03/09/2017 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Terahertz Sensor Based on Topological Materials

Despite the long time from its discovery, there exists still many important problems hindering real world applications of topological isolators (TI). The main problems are: i) TI states are preserved only at cryogenic temperatures (below 10 K); ii) there are no structures/mechanisms allowing fast electrical switching (on/off) of TI states iii) until now most of the discoveries are made using HgTe/CdTe semiconductor materials that do not allow standard high temperature device processing. The general scientific objective of this project is to research on novel two-dimensional structures possessing topological insulator phase that overcomes these existing problems. These novel topological insulators will be obtained special arrangements of III-V or II-VI semiconductor quantum wells. We will search for the best TI semiconductor structures by growing different structures and by tuning the energy band structure with hydrostatic pressure. We will particularly focus on the investigation of hydrostatic pressure driven evolution of basic properties because it allows accelerate research on finding the best parameters (energy band structure, energy and momentum relaxation times, and photon absorption and emission coefficients) in different topological phases without use of very time and budget consuming repetitive growth of the multiple structures. We will use “optical” excitations in Terahertz frequencies range as the main experimental tool. The measurements of inter- and intra-Landau level transitions, lying in THz range, as well as THz photoconductivity will be used to probe the band structure evolution. Independently, research on new THz plasma oscillation/instabilities in different topological insulators phases will be explored as an independent important scientific objective of the project. Thanks to these research we want to answer the basic science questions about the universality of the physical model of 2D TI and about mechanisms of breaking of the topological protection. We want also to answer the question how specific TI states and Dirac fermions (linear dispersion) in TI may modify/influence the THz plasma wave oscillations and instabilities discovered recently in nanometer size 2D structures. Acquired answers for questions mentioned above will provide basis for realizing new high frequency devices based on topological materials. To reach such devices the project proposes the research on innovative HgCdTe and GaSb/InAs structures overcoming existing up today problems: i) having TI states preserved up to elevated temperatures (up to 300 K) ii) allowing fast electrical switching (on/off) of TI states iii) explore GaSb/InAs quantum TI structures that can be fabricated using a standard semiconductor processing. Preliminary research that show importance, feasibility and methodology has already started in the frame of international French/Polish/Russian “LIA-TERAMIR”. Feasibility of main project objectives is already documented by multiple high impact international journals publications of the project author. LIA-TERAMIR will also serve for the present project as the main frame of international collaboration providing, via partners from France and Russia, a privileged access to unique material/samples technology and equipment. At the same time the project will allow to increase the research potential in Poland, at IHPP PAS, by building by world-class leaders, the TEAM having strong international collaborations and performing basic/applied physics research on TI structures (TERA-TEAM) in view of demonstration of innovative TI based high frequency devices as well as terahertz radiation sensors.


Remuneration total cost 15 000 PLN

(expected net salary at 10 500 PLN)


Selection process

The recruitment procedure is described in the TEAM call documentation in section 5.4 and available on the FNP website http://www.fnp.org.pl/assets/TEAM_Programme_Competition_Documentation_4_...

Recruitment interviews will be held on 14 and 15 September 2017 at IHPP PAS in Warsaw, address: al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 98 in the New Technology Building, starting from 10.00 AM. In a case of a requirement from an applicant side it could be changed to the skype interview.

Additional comments

Project title:

Terahertz Sensor Based on Topological Materials

Project is carried out within the TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

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Offer Requirements

    Physics: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


1. A person who has held a doctoral degree for no more than 5 years. The beginning of the aforementioned period is the year of obtaining the degree and the end is the year preceding the deadline for submitting applications in the competition for member of the research teams financed in the TEAM project.;

2. Experience with magnetotransport and terahertz techniques (excitation and emission);

3. Good spoken and written English;

4. Motivation for research work.

Specific Requirements

Required documents:

1. Motivation letter;

2. Curriculum Vitae;

3. Summary of professional accomplishments with concise information about the candidate's academic interests and past achievements, as well as possible participation in larger research projects (in a volume not exceeding 3500 characters).

4. A PhD diploma;

5. List of publications in international journals;

6. List of presentations on international conferences.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS
al. Prymasa Tysiaclecia 98

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