Scientific Visa: what is it and who can benefit from it?

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The Scientific Visa Package facilitates the procedure of admitting researchers coming from non-European countries (third-country nationals) to Europe for the purpose of scientific research. There is a distinction in the procedure for:

-long-term admission, for researchers intending to stay in Europe for more than three months and

-short-term visas, for entry of less than three months.

The Scientific Visa Package is available for researchers in public and private organisations. Students are not eligible. A researcher is defined as: a third-country national holding an appropriate higher education qualification which gives access to doctoral programmes, and who is selected by a research organisation for carrying out a research project for which the above qualification is normally required. Individual European countries do not have identical rules of procedure. They need to be verified for each country .

Please note that the UK and Denmark do not participate in the Scientific Visa Package. Legally, the Scientific Visa Package is consists of an EU directive 2005/71/EC and two recommendations 2005/762/EC and 2005/761/EC.

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