New Atlas of Migration launched

The European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography launched an updated version of the Atlas of Migration.

The Atlas of Migration is an online reference tool, which provides easy and handy access to data. It contains facts and figures on almost 200 countries and territories for migration policy makers, practitioners and citizens, aimed at improving the quality of evidence and reducing uncertainties on key information that addresses policy needs.

​In this new version, there are three key features:

  • The atlas covers 198 EU and non-EU countries and territories with a country-level overview of the evolution and status of the most relevant indicators on migration, development and integration.
  • There are regular updates every 24 hours, which reflect the latest information published by official sources.
  • It is customisable for users to extract, organise and navigate the atlas, and go back to the original data sources.

Have a look at the new version of the Atlas here.