Narasimha Rao Bolla, India

Categories: Meet the researchers

I worked as a Marie Curie fellow in an EU funded program at the Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland, for three years (2013 September - 2016 August).

During this period of my stay in Poland, I have received enormous support from the EURAXESS Centre in Warsaw. Monika from EURAXESS was helping me with the language problems to communicate with locals, to get residency permit, to file tax statements, she was really a great help during that time. As a part of

Marie Curie program, I needed to attend training schools in different countries. She was very helpful to get visas during travels. Apart from that she was also given a great support in finding accommodation, to talk with the land lords etc. Whenever, I face problems to communicate with locals she was always helping me with the language on phone or in person. I really had a pleasant stay in Poland and she was one of the reasons for that. I invited her for my PhD defense, in spite of her busy schedules, she attended for that as well. Monika’s help and support in those three years was not forgettable in all my life. I am thankful to her from the bottom of my heart. I wish her all the success in her career and I wish she will be helpful in the same way for other researchers in the future.