EURAXESS Austria Success Story

Categories: Science4Refugees

The university professor Dr Adel A. (name has been changed for privacy) fled from Syria to Vienna and asked the OeAD / Euraxess for help in applying for a residence permit for researchers. He travelled to Austria with his wife and his little daughter with a visa. His underage son was still in Syria at that time. The OeAD / Euraxess supported the researcher and his family successfully by providing legal consultancy so that within a few hours after application a “Residence Permit – Researcher” was approved for him and a “Residence Permit – Family” for his family (wife and daughter). A few months later the OeAD / Euraxess supported him again when he applied for a residence permit for his underage son, who still resided in Syria. This application was also approved. So eventually the whole family was happily reunited in Vienna.