CARe reports on labour market conditions

Within the framework of CARe project, which aims to support the integration of refugee researchers into the European research labour market, three reports on labour market conditions for researchers with a refugee background have just been published.

Two reports comprise extensive findings from the 10 focus groups and the employer survey, conducted in the period June 2019 – February 2020 to gather researchers and employers' views and experiencies. 

  • The focus groups gathered researchers (at risk and with refugee background) with the aim of mapping their experiences, competences and support needs while navigating the labour market in their host countries.
  • The employer survey collected the views and experiences of employers with regards to employing (or not) the target group.

The third report is a brief comparative report combining the main findings from the two sets of data and comparing the views from the two groups of respondents.

The reports will be used for further activities in the project:

  • Production of the CARe country guides for each CARe target country and at EU level, available in October 2020
  • Delivery of the CARe country-specific and EU-level webinars, both aimed at supporting the researchers in their career paths, planned for  the period late August – November 2020.

Access the reports here.