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Career center of University in Banja Luka

Career Center prepares students to enter the job market after graduation, connecting them with employers and provide support in the acquisition of knowledge and skills required in today's labor market.


Career Center Mostar

Career Center helps students to explore options for career choices and develop skills to find a job through the use of our various resources. The center will educate, advise and connect students and potential employers for mutual benefit.


Career Development Center at the University "Džemal Bijedić"

occupies a strategic place at the University "Džemal Bijedić" and aims to strengthen the relationship of the University with the labor market and businesses at local, national and international level.


Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UNZE & Office of Career Development and Competence

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the first step in profiling Scientific, professional staff to work on bigger and more serious NIR projects, venue for the promotion of student and teacher perceptions of innovation and entrepreneurship, synergy and meeting employers, students and teachers, with the aim of developing innovation and entrepreneurship in all spheres of activity.


Center for career development – CERK

It was created as an initiative of students has become a set of information, tools and services through which young people enhance their own employability!


Omladinski resursni centar Tuzla

Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla helping in work to youth organizations and individuals, particularly those operating in smaller and "closed" communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


BIT Center

BIT Center project has a main goal to provide opportunity for young prospective experts and entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses.



Continuing Education Center - International Burch University

The Continuing Education Center is the newest organizational development within International Burch University. It represents its innovative nature that aims to meet the educational needs of individuals, organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations. The center is focused on innovative ways of learning and development, and serves international participants.


Center for business education

Center for Business Education is accredited center for the transfer of modern and practical knowledge in the field of information technology, foreign languages, design and business skills.


Center for Education and Research Nahla

Center for empowering women education and creating an enabling environment for personal development and competently participate in social processes.


Research and development center

The aim of the IUS Research and Development Center is to provide good working conditions for scientific staff and students in their projects, to establish communication and information sharing as well as developing new projects with other research centers, institutions and companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

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